A visit to St. Theresa’s

Today some of Class Five visited St. Theresa’s Rest Home.

We sang to the residents. Today the songs we sang included Clementine, Danny Boy, Molly Malone, Rivers of Babylon and She’ll be coming round the mountain.

Then we spent some time chatting to them.

Here are some of the reasons we love to visit St Theresa’s.

When the residents start to sing with us

Meeting people who are over 100 years old

Seeing the residents’ faces when we are singing.

Watching them clap their hands in time to the singing

Listening to stories about when they we’re young. One lady told us about when she was a teacher and the pupils used to play tricks on her

Talking to them, when one of the gentlemen was young he loved horseriding and playing cricket.

Making people smile.

When the residents remember us from our last visit and they ask us to sing different songs.

Mrs Griffiths’ hospitality, she always makes us welcome and looks after us

Being part of our local community











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