On Tuesday we received a parcel.


Today we set up the new GreenScreen and used the FX Movie app to make short clips.

We worked in teams and definitely learnt a lot during the morning.

Here are our top tips.

Osian: don’t forget to select the chroma key.

Rhys: make sure you’re filming at the correct height.

Archie: don’t over edit.

Sam: make sure the iPad is secure on the stand

Karl: put the main movie underneath the background

Callum: don’t move the green screen

OliverJ: take your time

Tegan: learn to use the app by experimenting

Emilia: open the microphone before you start filming or you won’t have clear sound

Max: try and keep the video on the screen

Oliver: if the greenscreen is creased it’s harder to get rid of the background.

Philip: you need to work as a team

Luke: at the end you need to be able to fold a sheet

Lily: you need patience to do it sometimes it will go wrong. Don’t wear anything green

Jordan: when you put your clips in order move the background to the top.

Kira: hold the iPad carefully

Joss: before you start remember to prepare so you know what you’re doing

Luke: have fun

Cameron: hold the camera in the right position

Kelsey and Katie: choose the right colour in the chroma key

Lily don’t expect it to be perfect first time.



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