Writing Workshop 

We worked with author Eloise Williams in the library this morning. First we talked about what we need to write a good story.

Then we did some warm up exercises.
Eloise read us an extract from her book. The book is called Elen’s Island. Eloise started writing stories after telling them to her niece.

We thought about all the words in the passage that were linked to sounds and actions.
The words included running, fluttering, scratching, wind, puff and water.
We listened to sounds in the library and though about how they made us feel.
Then we wrote about beautiful places and things.
We thought about how they looked, smelt, sounded and made us feel.
We wrote some super sentences.


Here are some examples of our writing

Xaria’s Ring.

It looks as beautiful as a rose with a pink heart, a tiny diamond at the centre glimmering like an icicle. It is beautiful to me because my Step-Dad gave it to me and my Nan chose it with him. Now my Nan isn’t here.
The ring makes me feel as if my Nan is still here and ut makes me feel as if it is the most precious thing ever.

Harriet’s description of Lower Town.

Sparkling water reflects the sun’s shine and beautiful flowers grow in the forest around. It smells if sea water and fresh garlic, lining the floor as you walk. The seagulls scream and the sea crashes against the rocks.

Jimmy wrote about Copenhagen

The fresh air filters through your face as the waves gently beat against the sandy beach. The fresh salty sea air fills your nose with a hint of local fish and chips being served. Seagulls squawk as you walk around the boardwalk, in the distance you can hear chatter and glasses clinking.


Hazel wrote about the beaches in Normandy

The sea swishes back and forth, the blue and green sparkles and the salty air pushes back and forth across the golden sand. The waves crashing with anger, the soldiers fought for anger and for the love of freedom. It makes me feel warm inside for the fought for their lives, for death and freedom.


Leon wrote about his copy of the Dylan Thomas story – A Child’s Christmas in Wales

It is small with a smudged picture of children on the front cover. It smells of Christmas pudding and Christmas dinner. It sounds like snow falling and people trudging through the snow. It is beautiful to me because the story makes me feel Christmassy inside.

Ronnie wrote about his medal

It is gold and small and very shiny. It smells of my bedroom. When it hits the floor it sounds like a coin. It is beautiful to me because I won it and it makes me feel good.


Dylan wrote about Australia

It is full of cities, people animals and it is loud. It smells like everything! You can hear people talking, animal noises and cars. Australia – I was born there, it makes me feel like I am home.




A Soft Landing 

  We watched ‘Seven minutes of Terror’ http://stem.org.uk/rxdbc, an animation of the landing sequence of NASA’s Curiosity Rover.


We talked about the challenges and problems involved in landing Curiosity Rover.


We then worked in pairs to built a prototype lander for an egg.

  • Our lander has to be able to land upright.
  • We cannot attach the lander to the floor.
  • The egg must not break during the landing


Our landers are all different, some of them use lots of padding, others have stabilising pieces to help them land upright. We have used lots of different materials including rubber, foam, cardboard, balloons, plastic bags and bubblewrap.

We tried our landers using plasticine – next week we will modify them and then test them – visit the blog to watch film footage of the landers in action!

We’re very egg-cited!



Out of This World 

On Friday we watched Tim Peake’s first space walk.
We talked about how he might be feeling.

“Scared but proud”

“Nervous, he knows people are depending on him”

“Worried, but sure that there are people looking after him”

“Glad, because he has trained and prepared for this day”
We then carried out our own science investigations. We created craters by dropping ‘meteorites’ into trays of flour.

We talked about whether the size of an impact crater is influenced by the size and speed of a falling object.


Maths Championship

Our Maths Champions organised a Mathletics Tournament for Class Five. 

They put us into teams and we had to progress through rounds until the grand final. 
Here are pictures of the winner and runners up.
Next week they are creating a maths Kahoot for us.