Tales of Wales




Today we had a visit from Pandemonium Theatre who came to tell us some ‘Tales of Wales’


Tales of Wales, 

Tales of Wales,

Stories from a fine country.

Tales of Wales,

Tales of Wales,

Stories from our history


They told us three stories.

The story of Robin Ddu

The story of Rebecca and her Sisters

The story of the Afanc

Joss: I like the story about the Rebecca Rioters – the way they acted it was brilliant. I like the way it’s like a play and they involve the audience.



Abi: I liked the Rebecca Sisters story – I thought it was really funny because some of Class Five boys had to dress as girls.


Milan: The story of Rebecca and her daughters was really funny.

imageMegan: In the story about The Afanc I liked the ending when they dragged him up the mountain.


Amelia: I liked the Robin Ddu story best. It involved loads of people and it was fun to watch.

image image imageHarriet: I’m writing a story about a star that falls from the sky. People will think it is magic, but it isn’t.


Magic Box Poems

We have finished writing and editing our poems based on The Magic Box by Kit Wright.

We are presenting our poems inside hand- painted boxes to make them even more special.


The Magic Box

 I will put in my box
A vanilla scented candle bursting with scents drifting in the air,
The taste of strawberries keeps me going,
sweet invasions on my tongue,

I will put in my box
The sweet dreams of a child,
The feel of grass feeling summery,
walking through the beach of memories,

I will put in my box
the touch of fluffy clouds from heaven,
The sea splashing all over you,
Life on a boat, wildlife below,

I will put in my box
beach huts standing out from the sunset,
The sunset with its bursting colours fading away slowly,
The memories come back slowly and you be happy all over again.

My box is made of jewels from the deepest mines,
colours of the wildlife,
and the summer deepest seas.

I will find my dreams,
and hopes,
and my whole journey waiting.



The Magic Box

In my box, I will put:
The smooth touch of my first teddy.
Safety when there is no hope.
The light in a dark room.

In my box, I will put:
The seven wonders of the world all put together.
A sunset over the clear, turquoise waters in Fiji.
The mouth-watering taste of Chinese roast pork.

In my box, I will put:
The atmosphere of a stadium when the winning try is scored.
The relief of the final whistle in a tight game in a cup final.
The view of my iPad generating pixels on the screen.

In my box, I will put:
The sound of a giant waterfall, throwing water of the edge.
The sound of waves crashing onto a beach.
The awesomeness of the northern lights.

My box is welded and carved from the finest sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds.
It’s hinges are golden locks from the 1560s,
with pictures of the seven wonders of the world on the lid and magic in the corners.

I shall play in my box,
on the sandy beaches in Fiji,
then lay in bed in a 5-star hotel watching TV eating food made by the best cooks in the world.



The Magic Box

I will put in my box
The fluffy clouds that could send you to sleep
The sweet laughter of a child
15 glittering stars

I will put in my box
The sound of the sea crashing upon the rocks
The sweet sing of blue birds
The sweet taste of homemade cookies

I will put in my box
The sounds of a rain forest
The lovely smell of fresh flowers in the spring
A baby’s first whimper

I will put in my box
A everlasting supply of love
The sound of the rain hitting the roof
Memories that last forever

My box will be fashioned from diamonds
and emeralds, neatly put in lines.
With happiness in the corners, the hinges
are made from the ankles of angels

I will surf in my box with dolphins
and fierce sharks.


It’s Marc!

Today Marc Griffiths visited the school. Marc is one of our favourite visitors, he makes us laugh, and smile and think. 

We love his visits.

Marc’s show was about heroes.

We learnt about animal heroes.

Dogs, elephants, gorillas and birds have all played an important role during war time. 

Did you know that even a slug can be a hero!

We all learnt that we can be a hero everyday by respecting ourselves and others. Our words and actions help us to be heroes. 

Thank you Marc (and friends) for another amazing afternoon. 




Budget Day!

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 14.15.53image image image image image image imageToday we were spending some of our class budget.

We had a list of items to buy. We also had to keep within a given budget.

We talked about profit and loss.

Jimmy: There was a lot of debate in our group, but eventually we agreed.

Kyle: The most expensive thing on our list was glue sticks – we glue a lot of stuff so it is important to have them in class.

Joss: We found a better bargain than Mrs Davies when we were looking for whiteboard pens.

Harriet: I’m really proud because we were within the budge and we have chosen good quality items.

Caitlin and Xaria: We have worked out the cost of each individual item as well.

Emila: You can calculate the cost of individual items by dividing the full cost by the amount of items


A Positive Outcome

Yesterday we contacted XMA about a problem we had with some new equipment. The Digital Leaders wrote a letter and contacted them on Twitter.

We are very pleased with the way they have resolved this. 

 The Digital Leaders are really looking forward to getting all our ICT equipment up and running again.       

“I’m pleased because they listened to us and responded quickly”

“XMA contacted us by email and phone today, we know they are sorting the problem out”


The Magic Box

We have started writing poems about a magic box and what it could contain.

We were influenced by the poem The Magic Box by Kit Wright.

Here are some of our initial ideas.

A glowing sunset disappearing behind the mountain top – George D

The air filling smell of petrol – Emilia

A shooting star soaring through the night sky – Daniel C

The smell of a new candle – Charlie

The taste of a melting marshmallow – Osian 

The sour taste of lemons on a hot summer day – Tegan