Reading Skills

Today we’ve been thinking about how we can develop and improve our reading skills.

We worked in pairs and read to one another. 

Then we acted as a critical friend. 

Here are some of the observations we made. 

I liked the way you used different voices when the characters were reading.

Remember not to read too fast, sometimes it’s hard to hear every work if you are rushing. 

You used expression really well. 

You slowed right down down when it was a scary bit, that was really effective. 

Remember to use the punctuation, it tells you when to take a breath. 

You made the story seem interesting, I enjoyed listening to you. 

When we had finished we looked through our books to identify and define challenging vocabulary. 


Llongyfarchiadau i ddosbarth pump i enillid y Seren Cymraeg wythnos hon. Da iawn pawb i gan ddechrau llawer o sgyrsiau yn Gymraeg.

Da iawn hefyd i Mrs Davies i gasglu deg tic a enillid sticer athrawes o’r ddweud mwyaf o Gymraeg!

Congratulations to Class Five for winning the Welsh Star this week. Well done everyone for starting lots of conversations in Welsh.

Well done also to Mrs Davies for collecting ten ticks and winning the teacher who spoke the most Welsh this week sticker!

On the first day…

Today we gathered in the school hall.

Mrs Thomas, a member of our governing body joined us as a special guest.

We were also joined by Liz Weston, Senior Public Health Officer and
Healthy Schools & Pre Schools Coordinator, Pembrokeshire

Last term Class Five worked with Mrs Thomas and entered a competition. They had to write poems about the Healthy Twelve Days of Christmas.

Class Five won the competition.

Liz presented the school with a cheque for £200

We listened to some of the entries. They included lots of simple but effective ways of keeping fit and staying healthy.





Now we have the exciting job of deciding what to buy with our £200.


Hoffi’r ysgol? Ydw… ond…

Here is a copy of the Welsh poem we have been learning in school for you to practice at home.


For help with the pronunciation click on the red audio clips button on this website then scroll down and listen to the fifth and sixth clips.