Hit the Surf

Today we went to Newport beach Hit the Surf with the RNLI Lifeguards. We got in a circle and did an exercise where we split into two groups (the dolphins and the sharks) and played some games like capture the flag before we hit the water.

Then the the best part came! The water games. That was totally the best part of the day! I would recommend it to averybody! If anybody likes a good wave they would love this sort of stuff. The sharks went on the rescue tubes and the dolphins went onto the boards and then we swapped over. We thoroughly enjoyed both activities!

Maisie: I really enjoyed surfing because when i caught waves I went really fast to the shore.
Jimmy: My favourite part was surfing because it was cool to learn something new!
Archie:​ I liked surfing because when a big wave came the board would just go over the top of it.

We all had lots of fun and hope we can do hit the surf again next year.

To watch us enjoying the waves check out the video of the week on the school website!

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