Goodbye to Year Six

Today we invited our families to join us at our Leavers’ Assembly.

There were tears and laughter as we said goodbye to our fabulous Year Six pupils.


There were giants in Year Six, it’s hard to believe
I’m one of them now and ready to leave

We wish Cameron, Dafydd, Ellie, Jordan, Katie, Karl, Kelsey, Kira, Lily, Luke, Max, Oliver, Philip, Sam and Trystan good luck in the future. We will miss them next year.


What if …

We have been thinking about how some events in Tudor History were catalysts.

What if …


We have been doing what if’s like Thomas with Elizabeth or Edward living on, this work is all to do with a book we read called Boy King.

A visit to St. Theresa’s

Today some of Class Five visited St. Theresa’s Rest Home.

We sang to the residents. Today the songs we sang included Clementine, Danny Boy, Molly Malone, Rivers of Babylon and She’ll be coming round the mountain.

Then we spent some time chatting to them.

Here are some of the reasons we love to visit St Theresa’s.

When the residents start to sing with us

Meeting people who are over 100 years old

Seeing the residents’ faces when we are singing.

Watching them clap their hands in time to the singing

Listening to stories about when they we’re young. One lady told us about when she was a teacher and the pupils used to play tricks on her

Talking to them, when one of the gentlemen was young he loved horseriding and playing cricket.

Making people smile.

When the residents remember us from our last visit and they ask us to sing different songs.

Mrs Griffiths’ hospitality, she always makes us welcome and looks after us

Being part of our local community









Free Rice.

As part of our RE work we have been thinking about The Common Good.

We have been thinking about the words of the Prophet Micah

“To act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God”

Some of Class Five suggested we make an effort to use the website Free Rice where we can donate food and learn at the same time.

Yesterday 5105400 grains of rice were donated – can you help make a difference?

Epic Writing!

We’ve been using Epic Citadel as a starting point for our writing.

Here are some of our paragraphs

Jordan and Rhys:
As The pilgrim entered the deserted alleyway he spied a tavern to his right named The Sword and Shield.
The pilgrim had a long hard day and decided to go in for a beer. As he stumbled up the the door to his horror he noticed that the door was locked and the window was barricaded.

Oliver and Kyle: he looked at the house, the windows looked like eyes watching him. He saw a house with smoke pouring out of the chimney but no one there.

Max and Tegan: behind all the houses on his left there was a pitch black alley. As he stumbled through he finally spotted light. He came out by a broken cart and two market stalls filled with fruit and veg. He walked over to buy something to eat but realised it was deserted

Kira and Archie: He turned, behind him there was a chapel. He decided to go in. He climbed the stone stairs and entered the towering archway. As he stared down the corridor he saw ancient stone pillars and to his right a statue filled room.

Sam and Emilia: the pilgrim went down a winding hill and saw a crowd of coloured tents. Flags fluttered in the breeze.

Katie and Ella: as he stumbled along the never ending road hr came across two stone built grey towers that led to an enormous castle. He tried to break through the rusty gates, shaking and kicking them.

Cameron and Chris: the pilgrim walked forwards and all the lanterns were on. Was there someone keeping them lit?
He noticed there was also a tunnel to investigate. The pilgrim limped towards the tunnel, on the other side was a stone step he forced himself to go up them at the top was a tall castle.

Callum and Luke: the pilgrim dragged himself up the cobbled road. It seemed as if everyone had left their stuff and vanished from the town in a hurry. He looked up. He noticed smoke coming from above someone’s house. Maybe it was on fire. A shiver ran down his spine.

Oliver J and Trystan: In the middle of the street was a well protected by logs that were starting to decay. He marched along the mountain road. To his left was a steep, scary drop so he hugged the castle wall. In the distance he spotted some colourful tents, flags fluttering in the breeze.

Osian and Kelsey: he turned again and there was a massive castle. A dark alleyway went through the centre of the castle and it led out of the citadel. The pilgrim waled through it and saw several colourful tents. But he looked down and there was a huge cliff with a fast flowing river. He turned around and saw a bridge leading to the tents.

Dafydd and Philip: As he stumbled along the dirt track he came across what looked like an army camp. This must be the way into the city he thought.
He walked further down the road and came to a bridge, he looked both ways on one side there was a dirty river on the other was an old coastal path.