Children’s Rights

We are reading Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian.

Willie Beech has been evacuated to the countryside.

He has come from a very deprived background. We have been shocked by some of the revelations about his home life.

We have been talking about some of the rights that children should all have.


We worked individually and then we shared our ideas in groups.

Michael Morpurgo

We’ve just finished reading Michael Morpurgo’s novel Friend of Foe.

We watched Michael Morpurgo being interviewed.

Then we carried out research to find out more about him.

Carla: my favourite fact about Michael Morpurgo is that he writes in bed.

Joss: Michael Morpurgo’s children have interesting names. Sebastian and Rosalind come from a Shakespeare play.

Charlie: He has an OBE.

Tegan: Michael Morpurgo hates the word ‘bored’ because he hates being bored and loves to be active.