Michael Morpurgo

We’ve just finished reading Michael Morpurgo’s novel Friend of Foe.

We watched Michael Morpurgo being interviewed.

Then we carried out research to find out more about him.

Carla: my favourite fact about Michael Morpurgo is that he writes in bed.

Joss: Michael Morpurgo’s children have interesting names. Sebastian and Rosalind come from a Shakespeare play.

Charlie: He has an OBE.

Tegan: Michael Morpurgo hates the word ‘bored’ because he hates being bored and loves to be active.




Making The News!

We are planning and preparing a News Show.

We will be interviewing lots of people so we can create a show all about our school.


Helen Hughes is a journalist. She came in to talk to us about interview techniques.

Archie: I enjoyed the morning. We learnt so much about learning proper questions. It will be very useful when we come to film.

Jimmy: I really enjoyed it because Helen was really interesting. I could have listened to her all day.

Mia: I learnt how to do a good interview. You have to plan and be well prepared. It’s important to make eye contact with the person you are interviewing.

Daniel: I enjoyed listening to the different interviews. I learnt that you need to use equipment like the microphone correctly.

Amelia: There are some really good ways of starting questions to get s person to talk. If you ask open questions you will get better, more detailed answers. Words like ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘why’ are good question starters.

Oliver: I learnt that journalists have lots to talk about. The whole morning was interesting.

Kyra: I learnt how to prepare for an interview. You need to do your research. Asking the right questions is really important.

Abi: It was really interesting to listen to Helen’s experiences of being a journalist. I liked it when she told us about the interviews she had done with different people.
Helen told us we must be good listeners if we are going to be good interviewers.

Rosh Hashana

We’ve been thinking about the Jewish New Year.

One of the most popular and well-known food customs on Rosh Hashanah is dipping apple slices into honey.
This sweet combination stems from an age-old Jewish tradition of eating sweet foods to express a hope for a sweet new year.

We picked some of the apples that grow in the school grounds and dipped them into honey.


Autumn Poems

We have started writing autumn poems.

Today we looked closely at objects from a woodland and tried using simile and metaphor to describe them.

Harry wrote this:

As green as the grass,
As spiky as knives.
A brown seed sleeps within on a silky bed.
On a huge tree.
And this is a sweet chestnut.

George S wrote:

Sweet chestnut as spiky as a porcupine. The inside feels smooth like a Cotton pillow.

Next week we will be editing our ideas


Arad Goch: Het Milwr a’r Twtw Pinc

Lowri and Gareth from Arad Goch came to visit us today.


We watched their performance about memories and families.
It was called A Soldier’s Hat and a Pink Tutu.

Catrin wasn’t very happy when her family moved to her Mamgu’s old house in Cynwyl Elfed.

Her dad was in the army fighting in Afghanistan.

Then she discovered her Mamgu’s secret diary.

She was a little girl during WWII and her father went to war.

She was evacuated from her home in Swansea to stay with her Uncle Wil and Auntie Jill at Pant Glas in Cynwyl Elfed in Carmarthenshire.

Auntie Jill was a singer, Uncle Wil a farmer.

After the performance we took part in a workshop where we performed different scenes from the play.







Find out more at http://www.hetatwtw.org and http://www.aradgoch.org