We have been looking at different pictures of the parable of The Prodigal Son

Prodigal means wasteful or extravagant.



GeorgeD: I liked the Rembrandt. It looks dull to start with but there are loads of hidden things. I like the way the light falls on them.

Xaria: I liked the Rembrandt because it captured the moment in the story. The son might be thinking “sorry Dad, I really missed you. I shouldn’t have betrayed you”

Amelia: I like the detail in the Rembrandt.



Mia: I like the Wesley. The characters stand out because there is nothing else. The dad is probably saying ‘why are you so thin?’

Charlie: the Welsey is my favourite. I like the way they are hugging. It looks like a really tight hug.
I think if I ran away and came home my mum would hug me, then shout then hug me some more. Then she’d invite everyone over to celebrate.



Joss: I liked the Guercino. It’s simple, with just the two main characters and a servant.

Emilia: I liked the colours and the emotion in the Guercino picture.
Lola: the Guercino looks really realistic and detailed.


Milan: the Esteban is my favourite. I liked all the happy people.


As part of our IPC topic ‘Making a the News’ we’ve been designing magazine covers and writing articles.

We chose subjects that really interested us. These included Lego, Minecraft, 5SOS, Buses and Horses.

Carla: I liked Archie’s, the fact that he drew the cover made it stand out.

Kyle I don’t really like horses, but Maisie’s magazine was eye catching and made me want to read it.

Rhys; George D drawings we’re outstanding and there was loads of information. Osians was filled with facts

Osian Rhys had a lot of information. He had a quiz and included loads of other stuff.

Jimmy: Harry’s magazine had lots of information. I liked way way he set it out it was different.

Chris: Jessica did a Dr Who one it was filled information and I love Dr who. I would definitely buy a copy.

Emilia: I really liked Xaria’s. It was colourful and interesting.



Team Games

We’ve been playing team games in PE this week.

It was important to think about teamwork and tactics

Archie: I think Oliver worked hard in PE. He was fast

Jimmy : Milan was very enthusiastic when we played capture the flag.

Jessica: Xaria put a lot of effort into the lesson today

Rhys: Archie worked hard today. He ran faster than I’ve ever seen him.



Time Travel!


Today we used the GreenScreen. We’ve been planing and rehearsing short news scenes where we imagined that we were able to travel back in time and interview people who invented or used different forms of communication.

Mia I’ve never done anything like that before. It was easier than I expected.

Amelia: I liked Milan’s group. They had a lot of energy and they didn’t stop. They had clear loud voices

Callum I liked Abi’s group. When things went wrong they kept calm and sorted it out

Emilia: Milan’s group were really enthusiastic

Jimmy: next time I’d try and stand still and not fiddle.

Harriet: I thought it would be easier. It’s hard to stand up in front everyone

Milan: I thought Archie’s performance was excellent. I liked the humour in the scene.

Later this week we’re going to add backgrounds to our filming and edit out any pauses or errors.

Week in Review

What was your favourite part of the week?

Mia: reading Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. The story is really interesting. I want to know what’s happening next.

Lola: I’ve enjoyed writing poetry.

Danie: Literacy, reading Friend or Foe. I like the story and the activities

Jimmy: maths it’s always challenging

Megan: I like the IPC. The topic is realLYInteresting

Callum: PE Mr Williams has lots of different ideas

Amelia: I like the literacy, drawing and describing monsters

Emilia: I think my favourite part of the week is swimming because i enjoy it

Jessica: I enjoyed the poetry

What was your favourite part of the week?