Digital Leaders

Congratulations to our new Digital Leaders.

We had lots of excellent candidates so choosing four new recruits to join our team was a difficult job.


Caitlin, Mia, Milan and George will be joining George, Joss, Emilia, Archie, Rhys, Chris and Osian as Holy Name School Digital Leaders.

Learning Log Homework

We all had to think about the history of communication.

This week’s homework was presented in lots of different ways.

George made an brilliant news video, Joss sent us a morse code message, Milan made an animation, Daniel sent us a video of himself sending a semaphore message. Harry made a working radio, Harriet made a working telegraph.

George D: Amelia’s was excellent her picture captured the image well. Her PowerPoint was interesting.

Amelia: Maisie’s had a lot of information, it was attractive

Maisie: I like Kyra’s, she had a lot of information

Kyra: Archie’s was good, I think he’d put a lot of effort into it.

Archie: Amelia’s was excellent. I liked her picture.

Archie made an amazing post box display including lots of information.







Congratulations to Joss and Jimmy who have already achieved a Bronze Award this week.

Last week George D, Caitlin, Joss, Jimmy, Daniel C, Daniel M, Archie, Jessica and Mia all earnt Bronze Awards.

Friend or Foe

We are reading Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo

Lola: it’s one of those stories where you want to know what next

Mia: you need to know what happens next

George D: I think that the boys are going to run away and live in the countryside. I think the clue is on the front cover illustration.

Osian: I think that they will run away and then the German bombers will find them. The bomber might crash his plane and betray the Germans for the boys.